Baby Keni

Keni: Birth to Three

Keni was a happy baby and a joy to be around, but when her doctor noticed she wasn't hitting typical milestones, he recommended the Birth to Three program.

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Photo of Zach and Dennis

Zach & Dennis: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Zach was in second grade and he enjoyed school, but he struggled to pay attention and his grades were below average. Zach’s school guidance counselor referred him to the Big Brothers Big Sisters match program because he lacked a male presence at home.

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Layla: Read to Succeed

Layla was struggling to read so her parents enrolled her in Casa Guadalupe's Read to Succeed program.

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Photo of Bev

Bev: Senior Citizens Activities, Inc.

Bev was lonely after being surrounded by a strong network of family and friends for more than 80 years. Her son recommended she start visiting the Senior Center. 

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Photo of clenched fist

Sarah: Friends, Inc.

Sarah was trapped in a 24-year cycle of domestic violence until Friends, Inc. helped to save her life.

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Photo of Rosa

Rosa: English Language Skills

Rosa's opportunities were limited after leaving Mexico until she started English Language skills at Casa Guadalupe.

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Mike: Youth and Family Project

One mistake led to a drastic change in Mike's life that left him with nowhere to turn.

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Photo of Zach and Dennis

Matt & Cindy: Elevate

Matt and Cindy leaned on Elevate for help when they discovered their son had become addicted to drugs.

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Ren: Boys & Girls Club

Ren's parents enrolled her in the Boys & Girls Club where she gained new confidence, made friends, and improved her grades.

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Photo of Lucas

Lucas: Birth to Three

Lucas didn't seem to have an interest in the world around him, and also struggled with eating, age-appropriate activities and chronic illnesses. Specialists with the Birth to Three program identified ways they could help Lucas and he's now thriving. 

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Photo of beach at sunset

Local Mom: Family Center

A nurturing class at the Family Center helped one mom understand better ways to speak to her children and develop rules and routines.

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Photo of Linda & Addison

Linda & Addison: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Addison was struggling with changing schools, a new teacher and new classmates. Her Big Sister Linda was a source of comfort and support.

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Photo of firefighters

Megann: American Red Cross

When Megan's family experienced a home fire, the American Red Cross ensured their basic needs of housing, food, and clothing were met, and helped the family plan next steps.

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