Zach & Dennis

Zach was in second grade and he enjoyed school, but he struggled to pay attention and his grades were below average. Zach’s school guidance counselor referred him to the Big Brothers Big Sisters match program because he lacked a male presence at home.

Zach was matched with Dennis, who began coming to school for the lunch and recess period one day a week. Zach looked forward to these visits and Dennis found it was nice to leave his desk and work responsibilities to have a little fun each week. Zach and Dennis enjoyed playing board games and checkers or sitting in the library and reading books. Their visits continued throughout elementary and middle school.

When Zach started high school, he and Dennis joined the “LifeSmith” program. Once a month, the LifeSmith matches tour a local business, college or technical school to learn about different career paths and opportunities.

Today, Zach's grades are above average and he's looking forward to college. Zach’s mother is so grateful that her son has had a positive male role model throughout his life.


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