School was already hard for 10-year old Ren. In the classroom, she struggled with math. Outside of it, she struggled with bullying. When her parents moved her to a new school in Hartford, they were concerned that things could get worse.

“We decided to enroll her in the Boys and Girls Club in hopes she would meet some new friends before the school year started,” her mom, Angel said. “This was the best decision we could have made!”

Over the summer, Ren made friends at the Club and started gaining confidence. When school started, the transition was easier because she already knew kids in her class.

Ren continued to attend the Boys and Girls Club. She joined the afterschool Academic Success program, which is supported by United Way. The staff was able to help her with math and provide the individual attention she needed. By the end of the school year, Ren had improved so much that she was moved to an advanced math class. Now she is the one helping her classmates with math!

Ren’s self-esteem is at an all-time high. In the past, she kept to herself and avoided getting involved. Now she plans to join both the volleyball and softball teams.

“Boys and Girls Club has not only helped with Ren’s academics, but the way she feels about herself too,” Angel said. “Thank you for all this program has done for our family!”

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