Rosa has lived in Hartford for the last 10 years. But since she left Mexico, her inability to communicate has limited her opportunities.

Over the last few years, Rosa has worked to improve her English language skills by attending classes through Casa Guadalupe Education Center.

Her conversational, reading, and writing skills have improved dramatically, as shown by her pre- and post-test scores each semester.

“I’m able to express myself better,” Rosa said. “I’m doing better at work because I understand more of what people are saying, and now I can help people that don’t speak English well.”

In addition to English classes, Rosa also participates in many of Casa Guadalupe’s Community Bridge-Building seminars. During these sessions, local experts present on topics like health and wellness, nutrition, finances, immigration, law enforcement, and public services.

Rosa likes to share what she learns with her family and she’s excited to continue learning every day.

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