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United Way of Washington County is accountable to our community, including partners, donors, and volunteers. We strive to maintain public trust through ethical, honest, and responsible service, high standards of performance, professionalism, and ethical conduct.


United Way of Washington County is in compliance with the comprehensive requirements for completion of audited financial statements developed by the United Way Worldwide system. The requirements are intended to create a uniform set of standards for all United Ways to follow in preparing audited financial statements to ensure consistency and transparency on the part of local United Ways.

The requirements are based on current best practices in our industry as well as generally accepted accounting principles and requirements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board. The United Way system has also developed requirements for completion of the IRS Form 990 that clarify various areas of ambiguity and establish a single United Way standard for the 990.

Based on the most recent audit, operating costs were at 17%, compared to the national standard for all nonprofits of 35-40%. More than 250 volunteers work year-round, helping with fundraising, fund distribution, and other aspects of running a successful United Way. This volunteer involvement keeps overhead costs low.


United Way of Washington County is committed to diversity and inclusion. We value and promote inclusiveness in all aspects of our work. United Way of Washington County employs and promotes individuals, recruits volunteers and funds programs that reflect the diversity of our local community. We believe that we are strong only when we embrace and celebrate the rich diversity and gifts of all people. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what it means to LIVE UNITED.