Megann - A Fire at Home

Just before Christmas, a fire broke out at a home in West Bend. Megann and her family came home to a blur of smoke and sirens. The damage to the home was extensive and many of their possessions were destroyed. The family of six and their two dogs no longer had a place to stay. When Taira, a volunteer from the American Red Cross arrived, Megann felt comforted to see a friendly face and the American Red Cross vest.
"It was nice to have that one reliable thing you know you can count on for information and support," Megann said. "I would have felt lost because I wouldn't have known what to expect."
Taira ensured their basic needs of housing, food, and clothing were met, and she helped the family plan next steps.
"You donate, you give back, but you never think you are going to be on the receiving end," Megann said. "But you need these services."
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