When Layla was in third grade, she didn’t like to read. When she absolutely had to read for school, she usually opted for comic books.

Just like many other kids, it’s not that Layla really didn’t like reading, it’s just that she was struggling with it. Her teacher said she needed to keep practicing and work on her reading comprehension.

Layla’s parents enrolled her in Casa Guadalupe’s Read to Succeed program, which is supported by United Way of Washington County.

"The Read to Succeed Program is a difference maker for our [students],” said Katie Weyer, principal at Green Tree Elementary. “The volunteers are truly caring individuals. The one-on-one ratio promotes highly individualized instruction. I have personally observed students growing in their confidence in the classroom. I am sincerely thankful for the opportunities that this program provides our students and families."

Since joining the Read to Succeed program, Layla’s comprehension skills have improved by a whole grade level and her love for reading has grown. Layla even participated in the Battle of the Books competition and she was proud of her ability to recall information from books to help her team do well. Layla is now in the 4th grade and her teacher is happy to report that "Layla is doing a great job during reading class. She is right on track."

By supporting United Way, you’ve put Layla on the path to success. Thank you!

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