Requirements & Eligibility


  • Submit an application for funding, provide all required documentation, and comply with all of United Way’s Community Investment procedures
  • Maintain status as a non-profit charitable organization and operate in a manner which will not jeopardize tax deductibility under state and federal law, and the exemption under federal, estate, and gift tax laws
  • Be governed by an unpaid Board of Directors that meets at least four times annually
  • Maintain sound financial operations based on a defined budget
  • Seek appropriate opportunities to collaborate with other agencies, both public and private
  • Provide direct health and human services for Washington County residents
  • Clearly measure outcomes that advance United Way’s community goals

Ineligible Applicants

  • Exist solely for cultural, artistic, political, or religious purposes
  • Limit program services based on religious affiliation


All agencies receiving funding from United Way must sign a Funded Partner Agreement, which includes the following responsibilities:

  • Assure funds are used to achieve desired results as outlined in the program application
  • Support United Way of Washington County’s fundraising campaign
  • Provide current program information to IMPACT 2-1-1
  • Prepare and submit requested financial and program reports resulting from the delivery of funded services on a schedule defined by United Way
  • Attend United Way Funded Partner Agency Meetings
  • Comply with the USA PATRIOT ACT and other counter-terrorism laws


United Way of Washington County’s Board of Directors reserves the right to make all final funding decisions.


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